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Stuck With You - Narry AU Fanfiction [Mpreg] - Chapter 5


Summary: Harry Styles is just one of those losers at high school while Niall Horan is the complete opposite, one of the ‘cool’ and popular students blah blah blah


Telling you something about these two people right now wouldn’t be interesting at all.

The only thing which is interesting is what will happen if these two teenage boys, from different ‘worlds’, are stuck with each other because of some drunken mistake.

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When Niall got out of the toilet cabin, he definitely didn’t expect to see a certain curly haired boy at the sinks with his back facing him.

There was a short moment when their gazes met in the mirror and the blonde boy saw how miserable the younger one looked. Dark bags under Harry’s usually beautiful green eyes made them seem kind of lifeless now; his usually soft looking curly brown hair was flat and wet against his forehead.

All in all, the brown haired boy simply seemed ill and as he suddenly started to fall on the ground, probably because he had blacked out, Niall quickly made his way to Harry to catch him, making sure that he didn’t hurt his head at the sinks or at the ground.

The blonde boy carefully put the younger one’s head on his lap, putting some of the wet curls from Harry’s sweaty forehead before he softly slapped his cheek, trying to wake him up.

“Harry? Harry, wake up.” Niall said with concern in his voice and as he didn’t get any response from the curly haired lad he laid his ear onto his chest to see if he was still breathing and if his heart was still beating. Niall let out a sigh of relief when he was sure that Harry was still alive before he looked around the restroom. To his disappointment, he saw that the two boys were the only ones in the room.

For a while, Niall was debating with himself what he was going to do now before he put his arms under Harry’s back and knees and stood up, carrying the curly haired lad bridal style. The blonde boy stared at Harry’s pale face before he started to walk to then exit. Somehow, Niall managed to open the door without letting the boy in his arms fall and got out of the sticky restroom, just to be met by students walking up and down the corridors.

Still not quite sure what to do, the blonde boy looked around until he was suddenly met by familiar brown eyes which belonged to a guy that stood next to the boy’s restroom entrance. Niall knew that the brunette boy was Harry’s best mate but unfortunately he had forgotten his name. Again.

The brunette boy’s eyes widened as he saw his best friend in the arms of Niall but when he looked up to the blonde boy’s face they were filled with anger. “What did you do to him?” He asked through gritted teeth.

Niall wasn’t shocked about the reaction he got from the boy in front of him. “I swear, I did nothing. I had gotten out of the cabin just to see how he blacked out. I tried to wake him up but it wouldn’t work. He’s still breathing though.” The blonde boy defended himself.

The guy in front of him seemed to think about whether to believe what Niall had said or not before he made a few steps towards him. “Give him to me.” The brunette boy demanded as he took Harry out of the blonde’s arms.

“What are you going to do now?” Niall asked as the brunette guy was about to leave with his friend in his arms, and in the corner of his eye he saw that a few students had stopped walking to watch the scenario in front of them.

“Since when do you care about him?” Harry’s friend spat before he walked away, still carrying the curly haired lad and leaving Niall standing there alone, watched by curious students.

To say that Liam was shocked as he had seen Niall Horan coming out of the restroom with his unconscious best friend in his arms would be an understatement. He had thought that Niall had hurt his friend again, only this time physically, but after he heard the blonde’s explanation he believed him and calmed down a little bit, being more worried about his best friend.

The whole school day, hell even the whole week, Harry had seemed to pass out any second so it wasn’t such a surprise to the brunette boy that, after all, it had actually happened.

Liam rushed past staring students out of the school building, his aim the car park where his old black pickup, a Chevrolet Cameo, stood that he got from his parents for his last birthday. It wasn’t the best car, since it was kind of old but Liam’s father had gotten it from a friend for a fair prize. The brunette boy was proud of his old pickup, even though it sometimes made strange noises and people made fun of the 'pile of junk' or how they liked to call it. Liam simply didn't care about what other people thought.

Still with his friend in his arms, he left the school building and rushed to his car, but not without checking on Harry from time to time. Liam was halfway at his pickup when he suddenly felt his best friend move in his arms. “Liam? What are you doing?” He heard Harry’s voice ask him. The brunette boy slowed his pace and looked down at his best friend who was looking at him with furrowed eyebrows.

“According to Niall Horan’s words you blacked out, which doesn’t sound that odd remembering your appearance the last few days.” Liam told him.

Harry’s eyes went wide in interest. “Niall Horan?”

The brunette boy just rolled his eyes. “Of course, that would be the only thing you cared about. And to answer your question: yeah, Niall Horan. I was waiting for you to come out of the restroom when suddenly he stood there instead, with you in his arms.”

Harry’s whole face went red. “He…he carried me?” 

“Yeah just like I do now.” Liam explained in annoyance. He really had enough of Niall Horan; this boy had already caused enough problems.

“By the way, Li.” The brunette boy heard his friend say as he was looking at where he was going again.


“Why are you still carrying me? And where are you going?” Harry asked.

Liam just kept walking, showing no sign of letting Harry go anytime soon. “I’m going to the doctor with you.”  He simply answered.

“What? No! I don’t want to go to the doctor, I’m feeling a lot better now, I swear.” The curly haired boy let out and tried to get out of Liam’s arms, but to his disappointment the brunette boy was just too strong.

“Well it’s either the doctor or that creepy school nurse, it’s your choice.” Liam stopped walking and was about to turn around to walk back to the school but the curly haired boy stopped him.

“No! Don’t bring me to her, she scares me!” Harry yelled.

The brunette boy let out a laugh at that before he started to walk to his previous aim again. “That’s what I thought.” Finally the two boys had arrived at Liam’s pickup and the boy somehow managed to get his keys out of his pocket and open the car without having to put his best friend on the ground. He put the curly haired lad in the seat and even buckled his seat belt for him, as if Harry was a child.

“Can’t you just bring me home?” Harry asked with an annoyed tone.

Liam simply shut the door and walked over to the driver’s side before he opened the one and sat behind the wheel. “No. I won’t get you home without having you checked by someone.” The brunette boy explained before he shut his door and started the car, driving out of the parking lot.

Harry rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Li, you do know that you still have school, right?”

“Haz.” The brunette boy mocked his best friend. “You do know that I don’t care, right?” 

The curly haired lad let out a sigh of frustration and leaned against the window, crossing his arms over his chest and watching houses and trees passing by.

For the rest of the drive, both boys stayed silent and didn’t say anything to each other until the car suddenly stopped and Liam told Harry that they had arrived at the doctor.

Exhausted from what had happened this morning, the curly haired boy got out of the pickup and held one hand against his stomach which was still hurting. Telling Liam that he felt a lot better, was just so that the brunette boy didn’t bring him to the doctor but it wasn’t the actual truth. The cramps weren’t that strong but they hadn’t stopped completely and he could still feel them.

The two boys walked into the building and to the reception where Liam did everything and explained the situation. The receptionist told them to sit down in the waiting room and to wait for somebody to call Harry’s name.

The friends entered the room and took their seats next to each other at the window side. Both boys were still silent since nobody felt like talking at the moment but Liam, being the caring friend he was, of course had to check if Harry was feeling well.

“Hey Haz. How are you feeling?” The brunette boy asked.

Harry debated with himself whether he should tell Liam the truth or not but eventually kept in mind that he was supposed to tell his best friend everything. “To be honest, I feel like shit. I have slight cramps, my head hurts and I just want to sleep.” The curly haired boy complained and had to stop himself from bursting out in tears. He really felt like crying right now.

“Aw Haz.” Liam let out and laid and arm around his best friend, holding him against himself so that Harry’s head could rest on the brunette’s shoulder. “I’m kinda shocked that you didn’t tell me any of this 'I’m okay so stop worrying shit' and told me the truth for once.” Liam said jokingly and chuckled.

“Oh shut up you.” Harry let out but had to join in laughing slightly.

The two friends stayed in this position for quite a while in a comfortable silence this time before a young blonde woman appeared in the entrance of the waiting room calling the curly’s name. “Harry Styles?” 

Both boys’ heads shot up and Harry let out a cracked. “Here.” The friends followed the friendly woman into a room where she told Harry to sit down on the leather bed and Liam to take a seat on some chair in the corner of the room. “Dr. Geller will be here any second.” The woman told them before she left the room again, leaving the two boys alone.

The friends sat there in silence until the door was opened and a man with a friendly smile and slight grey hair entered. The grey hair didn’t mean that the man, who was probably the doctor, looked old because he still looked quite young and was probably in the early forties.

“Good morning, boys.” The man smiled at both of them before he shook everyone’s hand. “I’m Dr. Geller. And you are probably Harry Styles.” He said smiling at the curly haired boy.

“Uhh yeah, that’s me. And that’s my friend Liam Payne.” Harry explained pointing at his best friend who just nodded at the doctor.

“So…” The man began speaking. “What’s the matter Harry?” He asked.

The curly haired boy nervously looked at his hands on his lap before he lifted his head again to look at the doc. “Well one week ago, these strong cramps started which I have still right now, but not as strong. Uhm I can’t keep any food down since then, since I have to vomit a lot lately, especially in the mornings, so I basically feel sick a lot the past few days. And uhm sometimes I have these slight headaches.” As Harry saw Dr. Geller only nodding he kept rambling. “It’s probably just the flu, but Liam here insisted of bringing me to the doctor.”

“Doc…You should probably know that Harry here blacked out in the school today after he kept looking like shit the last week.” Liam interrupted his best friend.

“Thanks for the nice words.” Harry said sarcastically whereupon Liam just grinned.

Dr. Geller just ignored the two boys. “Well that’s why we are here, to find out what’s wrong with you, Harry.” The man gave Harry a small smile before he rolled in front of him with his stool. “I will just check the usual stuff first. If you could please take your shirt off.”

Harry obeyed and quickly pulled his shirt off, not being a bit embarrassed that his friend could see him half naked now. The two boys were friends since pre-school and have already seen a lot of each other. Although Harry was gay and Liam wasn’t sure about his sexuality yet there had never been any more than friends feelings between them and the curly haired boy was glad about that. Of course they both joked sometimes about such stuff but both boys knew that neither of them meant it serious.

Like Dr. Geller had said, he checked the usual stuff on Harry and soon rolled back to his previous seat whereupon the curly haired lad put his shirt on again. “So Harry, I personally doubt that you have the flu, but I have been looking through your file here and I have a guess what your matter is. Before I’m telling you anything though, I first need your urine sample so that I can make a few tests.” The doctor handed Harry a little cup. “When you finished you can give this to the reception and take a seat in the waiting room with your friend here. These tests won’t take long.”

They all exited the room before Harry disappeared in the toilet and got back shortly after, bringing the now full cup to the reception. They two boys took their seats on the same chairs in the waiting room they sat on previously. 

“Li?” The curly haired let asked after a while of sitting next to each other in silence.


“If it’s not the flu…what can it be then?” Harry asked worried.

Liam just chuckled. “Do I look like a doctor? Just be patient Harry, we will find out soon. And I bet everything’s alright.”

“If you say so, Li.” The curly haired boy said before both boys stayed silent again. After a while the same woman like earlier this morning called Harry again before she led the two boys to the room they were in not long time ago again.

Everything happened like earlier and soon the doctor entered the room again but immediately sat down on his seat this time instead of shaking hands first. “Hello again, boys. I just got the test results and my guess was confirmed.” The man told the two boys and gave Harry a small smile.

If he was smiling the results can’t be that bad, right? Harry thought.

“So? What did they say?” Harry asked impatiently.

“Well Harry…” Dr. Geller had now a big smile on his face. “You are pregnant. Congratulations!”

The two friends just looked dumfounded at the obviously insane doctor before they both bursted out in laughter synchronously.

Dr. Geller just looked at the two boys, feeling like he had missed some damn good joke. “What’s so funny, guys?”

“You said…Harry is pregnant, oh my god I can’t.” Liam let out in between laughter.

“And what’s so funny about that?” The doctor asked a still laughing Harry.

“Men can’t get pregnant…you are the doctor you should know that.” Harry laughed.

“Well you can, Harry. And that’s exactly what happened.” Dr. Geller explained.

“Well last time I checked I was still a man.” The curly haired boy said which caused Liam to laugh even harder.

“To be honest, I don’t know what’s going on. If I didn’t know it better, Harry, I would think that you didn’t know about your situation.” The man looked at Harry with furrowed eyebrows.

The youngest boy suddenly calmed down from his laughter as he saw how serious Dr. Geller seemed. “About what?”

“That you have a fully-grown female reproductive system in your body, Harry.” 

“What?” Liam whose laughter had also stopped by now asked in confusion.

“Well, your friend here has everything of a female reproductive system, just as an uterus, two ovaries and more, all connected to the rectum which gives him the chance to conceive a child and carry it in the natural female way.” The doctor explained to Liam before he turned his attention to a dumfounded Harry again. “You should know that, Harry, it stands in your file since it was found out a long time ago, when you were younger.”

“You are…you are joking right?” Harry asked with a shaky voice.

“This topic is nothing I would ever joke about.” Dr. Geller said in a serious tone.

“How is this possible, Doc?” Liam asked from the corner of the room.

“Well it’s a rare thing that men are born with a female reproductive system and it’s unusual that exactly these men are gay, so that they can conceive a child. Most of those men live with this in their bodies without talking about it since it doesn’t bother them. You did have sex with a boy, right Harry? Otherwise there must have gone something wrong with the test because even that would never happen.”

Harry looked at his lap remembering this certain night with this certain blonde boy, where he had the first and last time sex, before he nodded. 

“So you really didn’t know about this? Your parents are supposed to know about this so I guess they had never told you?” The doctor said but it sounded more like a question.

Harry just shook his head slightly still looking at his lap, trying to understand what the doctor had just told him. He couldn’t really be pregnant could he?

“So Harry is really….” Liam started the question Harry was thinking about.

“Pregnant? Yes he is. According to the test results you should be in the 4th or 5th week. Could that be right Harry?” Dr. Geller asked whereupon Harry lifted his head to face him.

“Yes that’s right.”

“So do you know who the father is? I mean are you two…” The doctor let out looking between Harry and Liam.

“What? We both? No way, I’m not the father. We are just friends.” Liam quickly explained.

“But you do know who the father is?” Dr. Geller asked the curly haired boy.

“Yeah I do.” He simply said.

“Well I would suggest you to tell him and that you go to further appointments together. I’m not a gynecologist but I will arrange you an appointment at one here in the near.”

Harry just nodded to show that he had heard what the doctor had said.

“I would also suggest you to speak to your parents and the father of your child about what your options are since you, Harry, are still a teenager.” The doctor said concerned.

As Harry again just nodded and kept silent the doctor continued. “I will give you a recipe for something against your cramps and the morning sickness. You can pick it up at the reception.”

The curly haired boy didn’t show any sign of wanting to say something so that Liam stood up and gave the doctor his hand to shake it. “Thank you so much for everything, Dr. Geller.” He said before pulling his best friend from the leather bed.

“I wish you the best and good luck, Harry. Good bye you two.” Dr. Geller said and stood up leading the two boys to the door.

Harry mumbled a quiet “Thanks. Bye” before following his friend to the reception where they picked up the recipe and the appointment for the gynecologist. The both said a quick goodbye and got out of the building, walking to Liam’s pickup and quickly entering it.

They both just sat there for a while in silence with closed doors until Liam decided to break it. “Are you alright, Haz?” He worriedly asked since his best friend had been silent the whole time after the doctor had told them about Harry’s situation.

“If I’m alright?” Harry asked through gritted teeth. “You ask if I am fucking alright? Do I look like I’m fucking alright, huh Liam?! Tell me!” The curly haired boy suddenly bursted out yelling at his best friend.

Liam wanted to say something but Harry interrupted him. “I just got told that I’m fucking pregnant. And I’m a man! I shouldn’t be in such a situation right now! And on top of that the father of my child is a fucking jerk I had a one night stand with. I mean…are we in some damn high school movie or what?!” The curly haired boy screamed now.

“Harry calm down….”

“Don’t tell me to calm down, Liam, just don’t. Can you imagine how I am supposed to tell Niall Horan that he got me, a boy, pregnant?” Harry said and bursted out in hysterical laughter. “'Hey Niall remember the night on your birthday you used me for sex…well you chose exactly one of the few men who can get pregnant and since we didn't use a condom exactly this happened. Now let’s marry and move in a little house with a white fence so that we can start a damn little family!!’" Harry mocked.

Liam didn’t know what to say to that so he kept silent and let Harry talk further. “I just want to go home and let my parents explain that this can’t be true, that I don’t have fucking female parts in my body.” Harry yelled.

“Stop swearing, Haz. What would your mother think?” Liam just said.

“That is my least fucking problem, Li.” Harry said through gritted teeth.

Liam just sighed and started to drive out of the parking lot. “Everything will be alright, Haz. Don’t worry.”

Harry leaned against his seat and let the tears he had managed to hold back the whole time stream down his face. “No Liam. I’m a boy, I’m still a teenager and I’m pregnant. And the father of this damn child in my body hates me. Nothing will be alright.”

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